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Wallpapers - Shape

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The Portable Monitor Shape wallpapers for triple monitors.

  • 1x wallpaper - FULL HD - 16/9 - for the Slide left screen
  • 1x wallpaper - FULL HD - 16/9 - for the Slide right screen
  • 1x wallpaper - FULL HD - 16/9 - for your laptop
  • 1x wallpaper - FULL HD - 16/10 - for your laptop
  • 1x wallpaper - 4K - 16/9 - for your laptop
  • 1x wallpaper - 4K 16/10 - for your laptop

Slide works on your laptop. Designed to work on most of platforms and all laptops size.

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What they say about The Portable Monitor

"The Ultimate Compact Setup - The Portable Monitor Slide Unboxing" by Mario Duch

"TRIPLE ECRAN sur MAC et PC PORTABLE !! J'ai utilisé le SLIDE pendant un mois" by iBordelais

As seen on

4 millions pixels panoramic view.

With the two Full HD matte, anti-glare displays, images take on an incredible level of depth and authenticity. Details appear finer—bright backlighting delivers bright whites and deep blacks.

Welcome to the future of laptops

Experience the ultimate in ergonomic design with a 14-level stand, offering customizable viewing angles and unparalleled comfort

Triple Slide-out monitors

A revolutionary, friction-controlled slide system extends two screens in addition to your laptop screen. A minor innovation that will be tomorrow's norm.

Triple monitor extender USB-C

Single USB cable

Effortlessly connect to dual monitors using a single USB cable, unlocking the power of a triple-screen workspace.

+42% productivity

Unlock the full potential of your laptop with the seamless integration of our technology, offering a 42% boost in productivity.

For Mac, Windows, Android & Ubuntu

Connect with ease to Mac, Windows, Android and Ubuntu devices with The Slide's universal compatibility, designed to streamline your workflow.


Take your productivity to-go with a lightweight, portable solution that fits comfortably in your backpack or briefcase.


Collaborate and present with ease using The Portable Monitor's innovative triangle configuration, designed to maximize your workspace.


Transform any meeting into a collaborative environment with 180° rotation, designed to share content with colleagues across the table.


Streamline your workspace with a thin and lightweight design, designed to offer an ergonomic and unobtrusive solution.

14-level stand

Experience the ultimate in ergonomic design with a 14-level stand, offering customizable viewing angles and unparalleled comfort.

Work from anywhere

Experience the freedom to work from even the craziest places with a versatile solution that adapts to your mobile lifestyle.


Maximize your workspace with a device that seamlessly integrates with your existing monitor setup, offering a flexible and hassle-free solution.

Mobile friendly

Upgrade your mobile experience with a seamless solution that extends your Android smartphone or tablet into a powerful productivity tool.

Product specification

This little, technological gem compresses all the data through a single cable. An unprecedented experience that represents the future of portability. A single connector that splits the information over 2 more
screens. Pure magic.

Tech specs
Slide Sale priceFrom $726.99 USD Regular price$1,029.00 USD
Slide Sale priceFrom $726.99 USD Regular price$1,029.00 USD

- 2 full-hd 13,3" matte

- Brightness: 250cd/m2

- Contrast: 800:1

- Anti-glare: Experience clear visuals with our anti-glare screens, designed to reduce reflections and enhance your viewing experience.


As the world’s first one-cable solution, Slide adds two monitors to your device using just a single USB-C cable. If you have an older laptop without USB-C or with power restrictions, you can use two USB 3 cables as an alternative.


∼ 2kg. The final weight of the device may vary depending on the finish, with options like carbon being lighter than aluminum.


The entire device, measuring around 20mm in thickness, features slim screens at under 6mm each, ensuring it easily fits in bags for on-the-go convenience.


257 depth x 378 width x 20 thick mm


Works with Mac, Windows, Android and Linux

An unprecedented experience that represents the future of portability. 

Focus on the Slide

We’ve dedicated ourselves to meticulously focusing on the smallest details, ensuring a finely crafted product that exceeds expectations in both design and functionality.

Lightweight & thin

Boasting a lightweight, thin, and portable design, our product ensures effortless transportation and adaptability to any workspace or on-the-go setting.

14-level stand

The 14-level stand provides ultimate flexibility, allowing you to position the screens at precise angles to suit your unique requirements and comfort.

A single Cable

Our versatile USB solution streamlines your workspace with a single cable, consolidating power and video transfer for a clutter-free experience.

Friction hinges

Equipped with hyper-precise, high-quality friction hinges, our product delivers unparalleled stability and smoothness in screen adjustments, contributing to an exceptional user experience.

Increasing productivity

  • 2.5 hours saved per day, per employee
  • +42% more productivity

Before the Slide

After the Slide


Slide Aluminum Graphite Black

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Limited Carbon edition (numbered)

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Laptop Sleeve

$49.00 USD - Buy it now


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Herve S.

Finally! Perfect!

The product is great and very qualitative. Very practical to have only one small cable especially for me who takes the train every morning.

Sarah G.

My husband is happy

I finally received the Slide I had funded for my husband, after 2 days he is already getting used to the product. Sarah and François.

Thomas A.

My home office anywhere with me

I can't believe nobody released this product before. I can finally have my home office to follow me anywhere I go. The screens are bright.

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