Learn how to set up your dual screen extender with your laptop.


0:02 - Unboxing
0:53 - Lower the Stand
1:11 - Fold the stand back
1:25 - Opening right screen
1:46 - Opening left screen
1:37 - Connect to your laptop
2:33 - Drivers
2:48 - Connect your Slide
3:45 - Screens modes
6:31 - Closing screens
7:10 - Place the four Mounting pads (optional)

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Triple screen extender USB-C
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Triple monitor extender
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Dual screen extender
Dual monitor extender
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Focus on the Slide

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Lightweight & thin

Boasting a lightweight, thin, and portable design, our product ensures effortless transportation and adaptability to any workspace or on-the-go setting.

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14-level stand

The 14-level stand provides ultimate flexibility, allowing you to position the screens at precise angles to suit your unique requirements and comfort.

Attachable dual screen USB-C

A single Cable

Our versatile USB solution streamlines your workspace with a single cable, consolidating power and video transfer for a clutter-free experience.

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Friction hinges

Equipped with hyper-precise, high-quality friction hinges, our product delivers unparalleled stability and smoothness in screen adjustments, contributing to an exceptional user experience.

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The anti-slip surface ensures a secure grip, preventing unwanted movement or sliding, and offering a stable work experience.

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Aluminum finish

With a premium aluminum finish, our product showcases not only durability and strength, but also an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

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Mounting pads

Featuring easy-to-use mounting pads, our device allows for quick and hassle-free attachment, enhancing versatility and simplifying your laptop-to-triple-screen transformation.

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