Dual laptop screen

Hyper customizable.

Slides are customizable without limits for big companies, in terms of colors, materials and backlit logos to perfectly match your company's graphic charter. At The Portable Monitor, every detail has its importance.


Corporate gifts.

Its portability and sleek design make it a perfect addition to any professional's toolkit, ensuring your brand is associated with innovation, quality, and thoughtfulness.

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Bulk orders.

With our tailored solutions for bulk orders, you can equip your staff with the finest portable tech, consolidating your company's commitment to excellence and innovation.


Become our distributor.

Join us on our journey and become a distributor of our line of products. As a distributor, you'll be supplying a cutting-edge product that's revolutionizing the way people work and play.

Triple monitor USB-C

Become our reseller.

The Slide's top-tier quality, groundbreaking design, and unrivaled versatility make it a standout choice for your customers. Broaden your product lineup and cater to the growing demand for state-of-the-art portable tech.

Dual monitor USB-C

Coworking owners.

Deliver a new level of flexibility and productivity to your members by providing them with the tool that redefines workspace dynamics. With Slide, Flex and Mono, your coworking space becomes an arena of limitless potential.


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