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Over 400 Millions views

The most viral portable monitor at your fingertips. Endorsed by
thousands of people worldwide, followed by more than half a million
laptop users on earth. Join the fam.





As seen on

Covered in the international world press. 400 Million views / 1000+ press articles.

The story of The Portable Monitor.


The Slide was born

While many incredible stories were born in garages, ours began in an old dovecote in the heart of Belgium. We often hear that innovation comes from the most eccentric ideas; ours was very simple, guided by our corporate mission—reinventing portability and efficiency of people around the world on a daily basis.



At The Portable Monitor, every member of our family strives to be part of a change, establishing a new standard, leading a reinvention—bringing solutions to people from all over the world to work, play, do whatever they want, no matter where they are, as never before.


Our first CES

As a tech startup, attending CES was a milestone for The Portable Monitor, where we made the world premiere and exhibited the Slide at the Consumer electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2018. First meeting with the CEO of Lenovo.


Golden sample

After years of waiting, development and dozens of different versions, the first units have finally seen the light of day. Not a single detail has been left out, allowing the slide to be the world's first triple display to be powered by a single USB-C cable. Endorsed by over 1000 press articles.


Mass production

Amid the global health crisis, after months of waiting and semiconductor shortages, the first batch of mass production has been produced and delivered to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. The initial reviews of Slide and technical comparisons have been published by tech journalists.



Massive deliveries began in 2023 all around the world. This year marked the beginning of the story and allowed for scaling up production to meet global demand.

I invite you to discover the Slide in video.

Slide is the world’s first triple screen extension for laptops on a single USB.

A portable, foldable, light and thin accessory that adds 2 slide-out monitors to your laptop. Flip back 180°. Connect with a single USB-C. Removable anytime. Carriable anywhere. Works with Mac, Windows, Android and Ubuntu.

Available in Graphite Black or Carbon.

Welcome to the future of laptops.

This little, technological gem compresses all the data through a single cable. An unprecedented experience that represents the future of portability. A single connector that splits the information over 2 more screens. Pure magic. The Portable Monitor.

Designed for anyone, for any use:

  • Working
  • Trading
  • Programming
  • Sharing
  • Learning
  • Traveling
  • Conferencing
  • Gaming
  • With your setup
  • With your phone
  • Creating
  • Stand alone
  • Daily use

We want to provide companies, employees, students and individuals with an efficient instrument to meet the new expectations of the professional sector.

Tri-screen monitors

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