For Mac, Windows, Android and Linux legal professionals.

Two more screens to review and advise anywhere you go.

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Keep all your tabs open.

A number of screen combinations are made possible to you. No more switching between the inbox, the folders and the law book. Consult, elaborate and write at the same time.

Best portable monitor for legal practitioners


Double screen boost: Benefit attorneys and legal advisors at any stage. Perfect for on-the-go work. Mobility is key!


Pull it out of your bag, slide the 2 screens out, plug in the single usb cable and you're ready. Triple your screen in only 10 seconds.

+42% Productivity

When employing multiple screens

All laptop sizes

Works on all laptop sizes

Compatible with

Mac, Windows, Ubuntu & Android

Single USB-C cable

Or 2 USB 3.0

Fits in a bag

Anywhere you go

Best monitor for lawyers

Managing legal tasks on a single laptop screen can be limiting and impact your efficiency. By using three screens and better organization, legal professionals can significantly enhance their productivity and case management.

Designed for legal advisors

Compatible with all laptop types and connecting seamlessly. Our three-screen extender is designed for legal professionals, featuring a versatile USB-C port for both power and video transfer via just one cable. The sleek design and adjustable kickstand let you work comfortably at any angle and take your triple-screen setup to courtrooms, offices, or remote workspaces, making it perfect for lawyers, attorneys, and legal advisors.

Anywhere you go

The ultimate portable monitor solution for legal professionals, boosting productivity at the office, in court, or on-the-move. Tailored for the needs of lawyers, attorneys, and legal advisors, it's perfect for managing multiple cases, reviewing documents, preparing presentations, and staying connected with your team, enabling you to excel in the world of legal practice.

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Covered in the international world press. 400 Million views / 1000+ press articles.

Rated 4.8/5 by clients

Herve S.

Finally! Perfect!

The product is great and very qualitative. Very practical to have only one small cable especially for me who takes the train every morning.

Sarah G.

My husband is happy

I finally received the Slide I had funded for my husband, after 2 days he is already getting used to the product. Sarah and François.

Thomas A.

My home office anywhere with me

I can't believe nobody released this product before. I can finally have my home office to follow me anywhere I go. The screens are bright.


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