Welcome to the future of laptops.

This little, technological gem compresses all the data through a single cable. An unprecedented experience that represents the future of portability. A single connector that splits the information over 2 more screens. Pure magic.

4 Million pixels.

With the two Full HD matte, anti-glare displays, images take on an incredible level of depth and authenticity. 
Details appear finer—bright backlighting delivers bright whites and deep blacks.

Attachable dual screens


Portrait mode is just a 90° rotation away. Turn a Slide screen from horizontal to vertical mode in less than three seconds.

Attachable monitors for ChromeOS


Getting the right setup is important.
Slide helps you establish a productive routine— keep your windows in front of you all day.

Say 'goodbye' to Alt+Tab.

Portable monitors for Windows


Designed to support 1-to-1 meetings, the enhanced friction hinges combo continuously supports you.

Portable monitors for Mac


The magnetized sides will amaze them all.

Precise and elegant—the screens magnetize to each other whenever you need to deliver a presentation.

Tri-screen monitors USB-C

14-level stand.

Slide stands on its own, if you prefer it that way on its unique kickstand. One level, two levels, fourteen levels.

portable external monitors USB-C

Mobile friendly.

Upgrade your mobile experience with a seamless solution that extends your Android smartphone or tablet into a powerful productivity tool.

portable external dual screens


No snags, no damage, no scratches. An innovative seamless, protective sheet joins both screens within Slide—you won't even notice.
Perfect for multiple uses every day.

portable external triple screens

Minimal Resistance.

Minimal Resistance Friction Technology.

A revolutionary, friction-controlled slide system extends two screens in addition to your laptop screen.
A minor innovation that will be tomorrow's norm.

Triple monitor extender USB-C

Tomorrow's vision is in your hands today

portable external dual monitors USB-C

Quality hinges for Quality meetings

A testament to our high-quality engineering. These hinges ensure your Slide holds the exact angle you set, providing a stable, flexible multi-screen experience.

portable external screens USB-C

4 pads. Easy attachment.

Slide attaches to the back of your laptop so they become one. Position the four pads, set Slide into place and let gravity do the work. Safe and effortless.

portable external dual monitors

Dual anti-slip rubber bands

Each anti-slip band has noticeably more grip. So now you can use Slide on any surface. Set up wherever you like.

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