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Press releaseXDA - The Portable Monitor Slide V2 review: Two screens you can (kind of) take anywhere - The Portable Monitor

XDA - The Portable Monitor Slide V2 review: Two screens you can (kind of) take anywhere

Want a triple-screen setup on the go? The Portable Monitor Slide V2 delivers that, if you can deal with the hassle of setting it up... Read more here.

Press releaseInterface - Geef je laptop vleugels (Nederlands) - The Portable Monitor

Interface - Geef je laptop vleugels (Nederlands)

Laptops zijn waanzinnig handig want je hebt altijd en overal je gegevens en workspace bij de hand. Nadeel is wel dat het scherm een stuk kleiner is dan bij de meeste desktops. Nu is er een oploss...

Portability3DVF - Ajoutez deux écrans à votre ordinateur portable avec Slide - The Portable Monitor

3DVF - Ajoutez deux écrans à votre ordinateur portable avec Slide

Les ordinateurs portables ont beau être très pratiques et mobiles, leur écran limité en taille peut être un défaut lorsqu’il s’agit d’utiliser des outils créatifs, d’avoir plusieurs outils ouverts,...

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"Transform Any Windows Or Mac Laptop Into A Flexible Triple-Screen Multitasker"


"A Portable Triple Screen For Your Laptop"

Tom's Hardware

"Add extra screens to your laptop"

Laptop Mag

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The most viral portable monitor at your fingertips. Endorsed by thousands of people worldwide, followed by more than half a million laptop users on earth. Join the fam.





Invited at MSI HQ

Gamers represent a huge market share for Slide. We have a lot of them in our buyers. Performance, gaming, trends and connectivity were the watchwords of this meeting. We sat down at the table with this world leader in laptop gaming manufacturing to explore common opportunities. Let’s play like you never did before.

Demo @ World’s biggest startup campus

On the occasion of the world premiere of Slide in front of the international press, expected at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, the team was proudly invited to Xavier Niel’s Parisian incubator. Startuppers and entrepreneurs of all kinds are a more than ideal audience to welcome our innovation and bring a critical eye to it.

Winners of The NRJ Startup Awards

Slide, honored to win the NRJ Startup Award. With more than 1,000 articles in the international press, and 120 million views on video content, our startup won this Tuesday evening, the award under the “buzz” category for its offbeat communication line and futuristic vision.

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