The Trend Of Remote Working

The Trend Of Remote Working - The Portable Monitor

Though many jobs absolutely require their staff to be physically present at the office, there are industries that have completely switched to a remote or hybrid working pattern.

Especially since the pandemic, the transition from an office-based job to a remote one has happened. Before that, it used to be a privilege available only to a select few. But the pandemic's widespread adoption made it worthwhile for modern employment. 

Working remotely enables professionals to conduct their business away from the limitations of an office setting. It is based on the idea that work does not need to be carried out in a certain location to be successful.

Consider it this way: remote workers can complete their projects and achieve their objectives wherever they want instead of having to commute to an office daily to work from a specific desk. 

And isn’t that a win-win situation?

People can plan their days in a way that allows their work and personal life to coexist seamlessly and to the fullest extent possible.


The Trend Of Remote Working 

Though remote workers have a terrible reputation historically because their managers couldn't supervise their direct reports at home, many businesses feared their employees would be too easily distracted.

A decade ago, remote work was hardly ever done. Working from home was typically only possible under rare circumstances to accommodate families in particular situations. 

But because of advancements in teleconferencing and telework technology, some companies now successfully run entirely remote teams. Corporations frequently permit their staff to work from home once or twice every week.

We'll look at the evolution of working remotely, the state of the workforce now, and forecasts for the future of remote employment to determine the efficacy of communication technologies and remote work.


The Development Of Remote Work

In the past, remote work as we know it was not even a possibility due to limited technology.

They couldn't email, text, or directly message you if your coworkers and business partners wanted to contact you while you were away from the workplace. 

If you wanted to speak with someone about your job, you would have to provide them with different contact information, a pager number, or even a fax number.

Even "remote" full-time jobs were different back then from what they are now. 

But now, with the help of technological advancements and the conviction that giving your employees the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere would increase their productivity, you can more easily make the shift to managing remote employees. 

Teams can remain connected and productive with the support of communication and collaboration tools, which include:


Video Conferencing 

Video conferencing is one of the best tools for enabling seamless remote work. The ideal substitute for a face-to-face meeting is live video feeds that enable out-of-office employees to watch and communicate with one another in real time from anywhere with an internet connection.

In order to increase the productivity of your work-from-home routine, you can also add an extra screen for your laptop. You can manage your task and save opening and closing tabs with accessibility to the triple screens simultaneously.

You can use the Slide from The Portable Monitor as an additional viewing screen while working by connecting it to your present laptop. 

Additionally, it is lightweight and convenient for carrying on the move at 1.65 lbs. You can pick up your laptop and carry it around the room while the monitor is still attached.

Portable Hard Drive

Having all of your data on hand while traveling is useful when working remotely. You want quick access to all of your documents if you operate mainly from home but occasionally go into the office for meetings or to check in with clients.

Purchasing a portable hard drive will allow you to save everything you need with just one click and take it with you wherever you go if you work remotely.

A Comfortable Chair To Avoid Back Discomfort

Spending eight hours a day sitting down is detrimental to one's general health. Particularly frequent back conditions cause thousands of lost workdays annually.

A supportive, ergonomic chair can make a world of difference and improve a worker's experience when working from home. Choose a robust office chair with top-notch cushions and lumbar support for your new chair. 

Look for added features like adjustable angles or knee support. Stop slumping, which may cause lower back pain that will demoralize your squad for weeks.

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, many organizations now operate out of coworking spaces rather than traditional offices to better serve their primarily remote workforce.


What Advantages Do Employees Receive From Working Remotely?

Independence And Modularity

Remote employees value their independence. As long as they work the assigned hours at the appropriate times, individuals can schedule their day to accommodate both their work and home lives. 

It can be easier to go to doctor's appointments, watch the kids play basketball, or accompany your old parents' in shopping. 

Additionally, the burden is reduced by not needing to obtain specific authorization or blend in with the other team members. This kind of flexibility is given to workers by their employers, which fosters a culture of trust and increases workplace happiness.


Cut Costs

It can be pricey to commute. Travel expenses, parking fees, meals, coffee breaks, birthday cakes, gifts for coworkers, work attire, and so on. Even as a benefit, some businesses provide clothing or refreshments. 

These costs, which can build up, are reduced while working remotely. This increases the amount of disposable cash that may be used for other purposes, which is always beneficial.

Remote work helps families spend more time at home, which can help cut childcare costs (although we don't recommend working while young children are present!).



Employees who work remotely can arrange their schedules and save time on travel. Some individuals perform their best work in the morning. And some people have creative thoughts in the evenings. 

You can work whenever you want as long as it doesn't interfere with your coworkers' schedules and you meet deadlines.

Working remotely also saves time because teams can make video calls via the intranet, thanks to technological advancements.


What The Future May Bring

It is expected that remote work software, mobile work tools, and virtual reality conferencing will overtake in-person meetings as the preferred method of communication. AI will probably play a significant part in managing remote employees as well.

These developments could make businesses feel more at ease. Although managing a remote workforce might be challenging, it is possible to make the shift smoothly with the correct technology and motivated staff.

Fighting the change might be detrimental in the long run. Today's workforce has grown comfortable working remotely. 99% of currently employed remote employees, according to Buffer, said they would like to continue working from home for the rest of their lives. That is seven points more than the result of the identical study taken the year prior.

Additionally, remote workers may take a pay cut to keep working from home. Because of this widespread tendency, some people decline to work onsite jobs because they already know where to go for more accessible and flexible jobs.

Therefore, organizations should improve their remote work rules and capabilities rather than fight the change.

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