The Exam Period: How To Increase Your Productivity In No Time?

The Exam Period: How To Increase Your Productivity In No Time? - The Portable Monitor

As midterms draw near, you should consider how to organize your days and improve your time management skills to juggle your home, work, and school responsibilities. 

As a student, it might be difficult to keep your stress levels under control while also enhancing your productivity. Anxiety levels frequently rise when you are not able to find the right balance, hence harming your emotional and physical health.

But do not worry—we have separated the silt from the true jewels for you, doing all the hard work. We've compiled some of the most effective productivity advice for students we know, which will significantly increase your study output when used as a whole.


Choose A Proper Place To Study

If you can, we'd advise you to study somewhere other than your bedroom. You'll be able to unwind and fall asleep more effortlessly, and you'll be able to focus and pay attention to your studies more precisely. Find a library or study space if you're trying to find a place with a calm atmosphere, good lighting, and a work surface you can sit at.

Depending on what you're attempting to do, the proper environment may vary: for intense study, a library-like environment may be preferred; for creative writing and assignments, perhaps the buzz of a coffee shop would help get your creative juices flowing. Try out many places, then pick the one that works best for you.

Create An Environment 

Studying in an unpleasant setting is challenging. In such circumstances, you will feel uneasy, annoyed, and frustrated. All of these have an impact on your studies and harm your outcomes. You won't go anywhere but worry in the end.

Here are some guidelines for creating the ideal space to assist you with these concerns and make you feel at ease.


Choose The Ideal Desk And Chair For Studying

You can concentrate better if you choose a comfy chair and reading table rather than an uncomfortable one. Physical discomfort, as well as emotional tension, are both brought on by uncomfortable chairs. 

So make smart financial decisions and purchase the finest desk and chair for studying. Remember to purchase a long table with adequate space to arrange your study materials.


Organize Your Workspace Or Study Table

One of the causes of poor attention while studying is an untidy desk or study area. You must organize your study space to learn effectively in less time. Additionally, it is a beneficial study break activity that relieves stress.

Moreover, to keep your space clean and organized, you can purchase multiple screens that attach to your laptop's back. It creates a wider workspace and keeps things tidy and in place.


Use Of Triple-Screen Monitors 

Triple-screen monitors can provide tremendous value and help you be a far more effective student in several study activities. Opening multiple windows and scanning each one at once may be necessary when studying or conducting significant research. 

When this happens, consider expanding your computer and adding a second monitor. You can further increase your capabilities by adding a second or third display.

Also, an extra screen for a laptop can motivate you to multitask and reach your full potential. Choosing the best monitor might be particularly difficult as there are numerous options for consideration, such as size, resolution, screen type, refresh rates, g-sync, and HDR. 

One of the most crucial things you should consider when choosing a monitor for reading papers is its mobility, compactness, ergonomically, and eye sensitivity features.

Additionally, because they risk being damaged, students must keep their monitors inside their bags. Therefore, the perfect learning monitor for teenagers is sturdy. 

We have a great recommendation for you; and that is the Slide from The Portable Monitor.

Benefits And Advantages

  • Lightweight and Portable - The monitor is incredibly light, small, and portable, making it convenient to mount and comfortable for a fast-paced lifestyle. It is ideal for hauling while putting in long walking days on campus.
  • Reduced Eye Strain - Students can benefit from studying equipment that lessens eye fatigue with the reading laptop screen. Features like these can make a significant difference and lower the likelihood of Mytopia, given that most people are more conscious of the risks of blue light output.
  • Multiple colors - This might help you explore your imagination to its fullest extent. You can choose from the available colors to best represent your choices.
  • Screen Rotation - The monitor has four different display modes, which makes it more comfortable to use. A 360-degree screen option makes it considerably simpler to do group presentations across a circular table.


Get Rid Of Procrastination

Getting rid of laziness can boost productivity. Setting realistic deadlines and prioritizing chores can help in overcoming procrastination. 

Although difficult, overcoming procrastination is necessary for increased productivity. Starting with a simpler activity can be beneficial to get greater motivation and self-assurance.

Move on if you become stuck at a particular moment. Your stress levels will remain under control, and your productivity will increase.

Another effective strategy for overcoming procrastination and increasing productivity is to set deadlines. When there is a sense of urgency, your brain operates more effectively. You will accomplish your assignments more quickly if you have a deadline set in your mind.


Make It Enjoyable

Assignments and exams don't have to be a burden. Enjoy some pleasures while you study. Use multiple screens, play enjoyable music on one screen, complete your assignment on the other, and sip some smooth coffee. (However, indulge in your comforts in moderation. Check the music to ensure it won't distract you and the coffee, too, so it won't keep you up later.)

And if you can, treat yourself to good stationery. Writing with a beautiful pen on a notepad thick enough to prevent ink from dissolving through to the back is a much nicer experience.


Switch Off Your Smartphones And Television 

The "smartphone" is currently the main source of diversion in students' lives. Before starting your study session, kindly turn off your phone. Messaging and frequent conversations with friends disrupt your routine a lot. 

Furthermore, it messes up your study schedule. Therefore, it is preferable to turn off the phone for effective study. You can give your parents your phone while you are studying.

Moreover, watching television keeps you distant from getting anything done. While watching television might educate you, turning it off when studying is preferable. 

You can view it during your break. However, set a time limit for watching it and avoid being carried away by its allure.

You'll be more productive if you use multiple monitors, and triple-screen monitors might be helpful for students who must engage in a lot of typing and reading to finish projects and assignments.



You can learn more quickly and be more productive using these productivity strategies. These will enable you to establish your daily schedule in a disciplined manner and provide a useful approach.

College students need more than just the best study materials like The Portable Monitor's multiple screens or subject expertise to achieve exceptional results.

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