The Best Tools For Working From Public Transport

The Best Tools For Working From Public Transport - The Portable Monitor

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and go beyond the reach of your home-office or study at university. But, how do you work in a different environment? 

Working while traveling by trains and buses can be challenging, especially if the signal is poor, you're jammed in a tight spot, or you're around loud or annoying people. But it is doable, and not all forms of employment require a connection to the internet or a laptop.

So, in this post, we’re looking at some of the easiest ways to effectively work away from home, even if it’s in the most crowded public transport such as on a train (the best place for commuting!). 

We will go over various tools for remote work that can help you connect with people throughout the company, communicate clearly, monitor work progress, and produce better outcomes regardless of where you work.

Let's get going!


Backup Power Sources

Refrain from relying on your primary phone and computer chargers; if they are misplaced or broken, your work can come to a sudden halt. Instead, bring an extra cord and plug along with a few external battery packs so you can power your gadgets while traveling.

Purchase a portable charger that simultaneously charges your phone and your computer if your computer has a USB-C power port. 

And because modern phones can run out so fast (especially if you're taking pictures of your trips in between work sessions), it's a good idea to include a few small battery packs and possibly a battery phone case, so you always have power available.



One of the most well-liked collaboration tools for remote teams is Trello, which can assist you in managing projects, organizing tasks, and maintaining a well-organized work environment for your team, even while traveling to your office.

Trello cards can organize, keep track of, and distribute tasks to your team members. Open any card to access due dates, attachments, chats, and other information.

By automating project workflows, Butler, a built-in automation tool provided by Trello, can help you lower the number of manual clicks on your project board. 

Additionally, you may utilize Custom Fields to enhance cards with extra details like charges, time estimates, cell numbers, and more.


Multiple Screens

Your laptop screen is unquestionably the most crucial gear for any remote worker.

A multiple-screen setup can be a terrific addition to a lean desktop arrangement or a mobile work solution. They are an excellent way to extend a laptop screen. They can increase productivity and enhance the traveling experience if they have the correct features.

But how to deal with the extensive cables that come with a multi-screen arrangement?

The good news is that there’s a great product that provides multi-screens, that too with just one cable!

The Slide from The Portable Monitor, 13-inch triple-screen monitor is the best option for working remotely because it meets all the requirements. It has excellent functionality, is speedy, and is lightweight.

Moreover, it is affordable, and if you intend to work flexibly for many years, it is worth a buy.


Ergonomic Keyboard And Mouse

An excellent ergonomic keyboard and mouse combo will improve your workstation's comfort and slow the pace of laptop wear because you won't be banging away on it all the time.

We recommend a thin rechargeable keyboard and mouse set that works well and is reasonably priced.



With the rise in remote work, virtual private networks (VPNs) have increased. In essence, it is a service that enables you to access a private network connection while on the go while protecting privacy and ensuring security. 

Businesses use VPNs to enable remote access for their staff members to their business networks from their homes or other locations outside the office.

Additionally, they are highly helpful for mobile workers. For instance, a VPN protects you when utilizing free public Wi-Fi, ensuring that your security information won't be stolen.

You might need VPN if you are traveling in areas where particular websites and social media platforms are restricted.



Finding attention amidst the many distractions of public transport is one of the most frequent problems remote employees encounter. And what could be more distracting than having access to the entire internet without someone watching your back? 

Serene can help you with that!

By preventing access to certain apps and websites while working, Serene helps you create a focused workplace. Day planning tools, phone muting, countdown timers, deep focus music, and productivity tracking tools are also included.

An annual subscription costs only $4, making it a small investment with potentially significant returns.


Noise-canceling Headphone

Noise-canceling headphones are a necessary piece of equipment when using earbuds for virtual meetings or listening to a lot of music. 

They will also make life much simpler if you operate in transportation environments with other individuals; we can tell you from personal experience!


Cushion For Back Support

Taking care of your back is crucial when you spend so much of your life at work. Purchasing a lumbar back support cushion is one of the best things you can do to address the issue.

This provides cozy support for your home office chair, and you can also bring it on business trips. Even though it isn't the most handheld device, it is portable and excellent for trips because it fits nicely onto bus and airplane seats.


Lightweight Hand Luggage With Laptop Security 

Working remotely allows you the freedom to travel and change up your surroundings. But frequent travel also comes with difficulties. If you frequently travel in public transport with your job tools and accessories, you must securely transport them.

Budget backpacks and bags frequently sustain damage after only a few uses. Therefore, if you want to travel frequently, making an initial investment in some high-quality luggage will be safer and more cost-effective.


Hand Sanitizer

Finally, maintaining good hand hygiene, whether you’re home, at the office, or traveling, is important. Keeping your hands clean will protect both your health and the health of others if you are working remotely in public transport.

Purchase a 5-liter jerry can of hand sanitizer and decant it into a small container each time you travel to reduce the amount of single-use plastic you use. 

So, the next time you decide to travel via public transport, make your journey fruitful by working with some of these amazing tools we’ve mentioned above!

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