More Screens, More Fun?

More Screens, More Fun? - The Portable Monitor

We live in an age of technology, and it seems that screens are everywhere. From TVs to computers to phones and tablets, more people than ever before are spending time playing video games, watching movies, or streaming shows online. 
Now imagine your laptops or PCs having multiple screens! Now think of the enhanced visuals you will get with more screens. Seems fun, right?
A multi-screen arrangement has practical advantages in addition to ergonomic advantages. In this article, we will explain the advantages of having multiple screens nearby and some of the factors you should consider before creating a triple-screen setup.


How Will An Extra Screen Benefit Me?

You might think using dual or triple monitors is unnecessary because it works for other jobs or sectors but not yours. 

Yes, programmers and developers can increase their productivity significantly by writing their code on one monitor and viewing the results on another. This makes people more productive because they can see the outcome of their work right away. 
However, from experience, this applies to more professions and sectors besides IT.
Additional screens will undoubtedly increase productivity if you only operate on a single computer and utilize many other interactive applications daily, such as Google Docs, video editors, spreadsheets, or email. Think of multiple screens for multiple applications!
Use one display to respond to emails and the other to continue working on your Photoshop program where you left off. Run cross-browser tests and comparisons using Firefox and Internet Explorer on separate monitors to identify differences quickly. 
Moreover, errors can be minimized by dragging and dropping text and image elements from one display to your content management system on the other.


Here are more advantages of multiple screens, depending on your usage:

Study And Work 

Having two monitors close to one another at home and in the office will give you a greater overview. You can build a single, spacious desktop to reduce the frequency of window and program switching. 
Write down your discoveries in Word on one screen, then use Excel to evaluate your data on the other. You can process info more quickly and multitask more effectively as a result. 


No More Split Screen 

There is no denying that the user-available split screen view is a good replacement for multiple displays. Open two programs simultaneously by dragging the apps to either side of the screen if you use Windows 8 or 10 to put them into a split-screen display. 
Even better, Windows 8 allows you to dock your desktop while an app is open on the opposite side. Thankfully, apps in Windows 10 operate like desktop applications and open in their window.
So, where’s the problem with this strategy? Well, everything is full-size aside from the stuff you have open in the split-screen view. You may have found a solution to the issue of fewer clicks being required to enlarge or minimize your apps, but your workspace has yet to be increased. You just crammed two applications into one slot after reducing their size to fit.
Now, give the split screen option a shot if you don't have the opportunity to use dual monitors for one reason or another. However, you will be happier with full views of your programs rather than mini-views if you can put that second display to use.



The option to enjoy intense gaming while keeping a second display all to yourself for your office work or university assignment is one of the key benefits of having multiple screens.
You can multitask while playing your favorite video games with the help of a triple monitor setup. This additional screen space can be utilized as a desktop for browsing the web, watching videos, or displaying walkthroughs and other game-related information. 
If you want to conduct Twitch streaming, having two displays is a must-have. On a primary monitor, you can play games, while a second monitor can be used for streaming applications. You can monitor a discussion and answer viewers' questions in real time.
A multi-screen configuration with a curved and flat display can be an option if, for instance, you enjoy playing racing games. 
Wider viewing angles and a more realistic gaming experience are both provided by curved monitors, which simulate the natural curvature of our eyes. Full HD monitors like the Slide from The Portable Monitor can also provide an excellent experience when used in gaming.

Image Editing And Graphic Design

A second monitor is helpful if you edit many images or videos. You can use it for your image collection to save yourself from constantly switching between folders or apps. 
The second screen can also provide project previews for your graphic design work. In this manner, you can immediately tell if the outcome is correct or incorrect. For an accurate comparison, make sure both screens have the same resolution.


Factors to Consider About When Using Multi-screen Setups

Keep the following considerations in mind before you buy an extra screen:


Display Size 

Although some individuals do not mind having monitors of various sizes, it is generally preferable to purchase two identical-sized monitors for a more balanced experience. Therefore, if you already have a monitor, think about the size of the additional one. 
Most individuals need help managing two screens with various resolutions or refresh rates. For maximum performance, two distinct screens must be correctly aligned.



The thickness of the monitor's frame is another consideration when purchasing one. Monitors with extremely small bezels are primarily used for multi-monitor setups. Two monitors with thin bezels positioned side by side offer a better viewing experience without interruptions. 
A second thin bezel monitor can provide a better perspective even if you already have a display with standard bezels.


Mounts and Modifications 

Depending on your objective and application, you may require additional monitor attachments, such as a stand, mount, or arm. You should also consider whether you will need a rotation feature and how you want to attach it. But in this situation, verify that your monitors are compatible with a VESA mount.


To Conclude- More Screens, More Fun? 

You would have understood by now that attaching an additional screen to your laptop can create a productive atmosphere. It has the impression that your regular laptop has been changed into a powerful operational hub. 
We suggest The Portable Monitor's Slide triple screens to a variety of laptop users in that regard. These Slides have excellent image quality in addition to having non-glare panels, adaptable stand features, dot-by-dot capability, a variety of image quality modes, and unique eco-functions. 
Add the Slide to your laptop to maximize your potential and add more fun to your daily tasks!

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