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10 Best Developer Technologies - The Portable Monitor

The world of software development is a dynamic field that changes constantly. New languages, methodologies, and tools are constantly being developed. 

Software developers must stay on the leading edge of the latest technological advancements in order to meet the market's demands for high-quality projects. 

In today’s commercial world, software and applications are needed more often than ever. Technological innovation is happening through software or applications in practically every industry, including banking, advertising, promotion, logistics, etc.

Software development is becoming a bigger part of businesses' growth, change, and innovation.

Businesses rely on technical advancements and the ability of software developers to automate typical corporate tasks, from problem-solving to decreasing human labor.

This blog post will go through the 10 best developer technologies essential to understanding if you want to succeed in the modern software development industry.



For creating highly dynamic online applications, Google created the JavaScript Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) framework known as AngularJS.

AngularJS is dependable and quite extensive. It is a comprehensive solution that can be used on any system and has the Google buzz. It can also run in any search engine environment. Therefore, learning Angular's Testing API is simple if you are already familiar with MVC, Knockout, or Cappuccino.

No JavaScript framework can match AngularJS regarding community support for bug fixes and coding issues.


VPN Router

Undoubtedly, a virtual private network router is necessary if you want to increase the effectiveness of your software development. 

In general, a VPN enables you to link securely to another network via the internet. Using this, you can protect your surfing activities, utilize public Wi-Fi without risk, and browse websites that are only available in your area. 

By implementing this solution, you can give yourself, your team members, and others access to confidentiality, safety, and anonymity.

Naturally, this facilitates online remote access by allowing you to avoid bandwidth and data limitations. 

In addition, employing a VPN enables protected file sharing, gets through blockers and filters, and helps you escape censorship. 

This device will help keep your information safe, especially if using a data-sensitive application.



IT professionals use a low-code IDE and server Linx to easily build specialized automated systems and processes, link applications, expose web services, and effectively manage heavy workloads.

It offers over 100 pre-built functions for rapid development, an intuitive drag-and-drop layout, and it is simple to use.

Directly from the IDE, one-click deployment to any local or remote Linx Server is possible. Moreover, Almost any SQL and NoSQL database, a wide range of file types (both text and binary), and REST and SOAP Web services are acceptable as inputs and outputs.



To maximize the effectiveness of your development system, you will therefore require a reliable web camera. 

Webcams are necessary when face-to-face discussions are impractical because many software developers frequently collaborate with teams that are geographically separated or work remotely. 

Using these tools may advance professionalism, increase meeting effectiveness, and foster adaptability. Of course, this frequently results in more concentration, stronger connections, and a reduction in any feeling of isolation related to one's job. 

A video camera enables you to comprehend better subtle communication, expressions, and other intentions expressed outside speech. Depending on your environment, a quality camera may improve your image on programming calls. 

Indeed, a successful software setup requires an advanced webcam.


Cloud Computing Technologies

In a business data center, cloud computing is frequently used to run workloads remotely over the internet. Enterprise application deployment has shifted to the cloud, and even those who have already developed systems are doing so.

Cloud technologies and services like deployment and data transfer to clouds will also be very profitable, in addition to cloud services like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure. 

Every business, including small startups and traditionally conservative ones like healthcare providers and government institutions, is moving to cloud vendors due to the rising demand for quick access and data protection, and this trend will continue.


Multiple Screen Slide

Multiple screens have many advantages for computer programmers. Developers can not only read API documentation on one screen while writing code, but they can also test their code while seeing the output of their work on the other screen.

Developers can work more quickly and effectively if they have a triple-screen setup. Instead of repeatedly pressing Alt+Tab, they can use the extra laptop monitor to open up distracting new windows or tabs. 

In addition to giving you extra screen space to work with, triple monitors will also help you utilize the mouse less frequently.

Triple-screen monitors can be useful for many tasks and boost output.  For that, we have a wonderful recommendation for developers! 

The Slide from The Portable Monitor monitor is a great investment for programmers. They will have more money in their pockets since they will save countless hours of effort.

The Slide attaches to the back of the laptop easily and gives two additional screens on the left and right.

Precision Mouse

A precision mouse is necessary for successful software engineers to create precise apps and act quickly. This mouse already includes code buttons and tactical awareness configurations.

Programming professionals can more easily change parameters to suit their needs in this way. This tool offers advanced reconfiguration, modification, and setting distribution.

Of course, doing this keeps you comfortable and stops sweat from developing while you're coding. You might wish to go online for a cheap gaming mouse if you're interested in employing one of these alternatives. 

A precise mouse is unquestionably a crucial component of your toolkit for software engineering.



It is the top programming language for creating native Microsoft programs. On the Xamarin platform, it serves as the main reference language for creating cross-platform applications.

Because you can develop a single application utilizing both platforms and deploy it simultaneously when you utilize Xamarin and C# together, time is saved. The recommended language for making video games is C#, so if you're interested in VR programming, you might want to take some time to learn it.

Because it uses the bundled Microsoft Visual C++ development environment, it works best on Windows, Android, and iOS. The backend of several well-known websites, including Bing, Dell, Visual Studio, and MarketWatch, uses the C# programming language.


Photochromic Glasses

Developers spend a significant amount of time in front of the computer, which is why software developers frequently experience computer vision syndrome (CVS) symptoms.

Modern computer spectacles have anti-CVS features. They differ in several ways from regular eyeglasses. These eyewear items shield your eyes from the damaging rays that computer screens emit.

Many optometrists highly recommend photochromic lenses. These lenses shield your eyes from potentially harmful visible blue light. They also protect your eyes from extreme radiation exposure.


Adjustable Standing Desk

Numerous health risks, such as poor posture, obesity, and high blood pressure, are frequently connected to prolonged sitting. Most developers have an inactive lifestyle. As a result, they are among those who face these hazards.

Programmers and developers require an adjustable standing workstation for this reason. It is highly beneficial in reducing the risk of prolonged sitting. You can roam around the room and work at these portable desks.

Back pain is the most frequent issue among those who work at desk jobs. Traditional tables are poorly designed, mainly if your chair isn't adjustable. These adjustable tables are simple to change to your preferred height.


Summing Up

Software development is the industry where technology changes the fastest. In the upcoming years, there will be an increase in demand for this skill set. 

We have suggested the best tools for developers in this article.

Among our picks, a decent multi-monitor setup requires investment, but it is worthwhile in the long term. A dual-monitor configuration can help software developers save time and money. 

And the best thing is that with The Portable Monitor's Slide, most developers can now afford a good multi-monitor setup. 

The developer and the firm profit from using these monitors because they boost productivity and cut costs.

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